Guardian imagery licence - yes, it’s voluntary

ONCE AGAIN the Guardian has assured the NUJ representatives that the standard licence for images is open to negotiation. Managing editor Chris Elliott told the NUJ team they are not insisting on compulsory syndication: "We absolutely say people can vary the terms." The NUJ Freelance Office is to draft a form of words that, it is hoped, will be incorporated into the licence to confirm its negotiable nature.

The meeting was arranged at the NUJ's request to discuss not only the imagery licence, but also many issues arising from the Guardian Freelance Charter. These include: freelances having to claim expenses within one month; non-exclusive syndication rights for the period of copyright; and use of blog copy in the print Guardian without payment.

The NUJ also objected again to the standard licence for video, audio and audiovisual contributions, which is an assignment of copyright. A further meeting is expected in the New Year.

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