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Indymedia server seized - again

The Freelance is deeply concerned about the seizure by Kent police of a server computer hosting websites for the Indymedia independent news service apparently without even producing a warrant.


We are working to get an NUJ statement on this.

Meanwhile, in self-inflicted woe...

As you will have noticed if you've looked on London Indymedia at (which is a different site, it has lost all its links to all its photos.

Please could all journalists (citizen and professional) upload their photos again to the pages on London indymedia that originally displayed them?

If you registered for the site, you should be able to find the page where your photos used to be, and using your log in and password (check you need both) edit your contribution on the page - in this case by adding your pics again.

Don't forget that even though it's Indymedia, there's nothing to stop you asserting copyright on your photos that you put on Indymedia. The Freelance's own assistant editor got a total of £180 for one of his pics that appeared in a book as a result of Oxford University Press seeing it on Indymedia, and he's not even a photographer! (All the professional photographers had gone home by then, your honour.)

Especially for journalists based in London, it may not have been clear whether you were uploading onto or the much smaller and less busy London indymedia site, so do a search to check whether your pictures are still up on the Indymedia UK "national" (for want of a better word) site.

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