Winds of change forecast for copyright law

ANOTHER YEAR, another government consultation on copyright law - but this one looks interesting. This latest, entitled "© the future - developing a copyright agenda for the 21st century" recognises, for instance, that: "many creators would argue that they wish to be able to control how their work is used - for example to prevent it being used in a way that was never intended or perhaps to support a cause that the creator does not agree with." Indeed we do.

You can see the consultation document at /c-policy-consultation.pdf

The NUJ's response argues that "The legal framework for the information economy will only retain public legitimacy if it is re-rooted in the rights of the individual author. In other words, if the UK adopts the global mainstream principles of Authors' Rights, founded on the exclusive and inalienable right of the author (and performer) to authorise uses of their work, to be credited, and to defend the integrity of their work."

See the full document via (by the end of February 2009) - and more news, soon.

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