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Yorkshire Post action dates - daily from 20/03/09

The NUJ chapel at Yorkshire Post Newspapers has informed managment that:

members will be holding a series of 15 mandatory chapel meetings commencing on Friday, March 20, 2009, and each day following with the last one on Friday, April 03, 2009. The meetings will commence each day at 07.00am and continue until all the business is completed. You will of course be notified of subsequent action on such further dates if the dispute has not been resolved.

A "mandatory chapel meeting" involves all members leaving their desks and going into a meeting. The chapel would very much appreciate it if any freelances booked to do shifts joined them in the meeting, unless they find themselves unavailable to be in the office at all at the time. The chapel would also appreciate it if freelances due to file words or pictures didn't do so during the meetings.

Any freelance who suffers hardship while being unavailable should contact the chapel. See their blog for more updates.

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