Shame of G20 plod

THE PRESS pack covering the G20 protests in the City of London were ordered out of the area for half an hour on April 2 by police moving in to clear the streets - who invoked Section 14 of the Public Order Act 1986 ("imposing conditions on assemblies"). Some journalists were escorted away.

photo © Marc Vallée
Photographers at the G20 protests challenge police on their "unacceptable behaviour"

NUJ Freelance Organiser John Toner said of the G20 policing, "We have reports of unacceptable behaviour by the police, and we are currently examining the possibility of bringing legal actions on behalf of several members." John said of a subsequent City Police apology about how they treated newsgatherers, "it is all very well for them to apologise after the damage has been done. They need to demonstrate the sincerity of their apology by backing it up with an assurance that this will not happen again... Members who wish to receive advice on complaints should contact us in the Freelance Office."

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    Photographer David Hoffman has prepared an A4 sheet of 10 cards (right) that you can give to fellow photographers to remind them to report policing encounters of all kinds, via - download the sheet there.
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