Photographers’ protest

The Freelance received a letter from a member "very disappointed and angry to read... that you (Mar/Apr 08) referred to our photographer media event outside New Scotland Yard as being 'well over 100 photographers' when it was actually 300-plus that attended".

We wrote back to confirm that this was for publication, as it appeared to be, and received no response. We were told on 18 May that one had been sent, saying it was not for publication.

  • We held space to cover the event, which happened well after our deadline, and inserted the caption on page-proof: www.londonfreelance.org/fl/0903coak.html At that time we had seen one blog posting with a higher number: there was no time to seek independent confirmation of the number. There was the photo, showing many dozens. Hence the default position for page-proof corrections: make it not false.
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