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Why subbnig is improtant

THE FUTURE of subbing is the subject of the London Freelance Branch meeting on Monday 8 June - a different date to the one incorrectly printed in the most recent print edition of the Freelance, sorry! (That’s one example of the need to sub-edit copy already, best check your diary now to avoid turning up a week late.)

With media outlets slashing their subbing operations, or in some cases dispensing with sub-editors entirely, we focus on the rôle of subbing in the digital media age, and what we can do to defend subbing as a profession at a time when it’s under threat.

Our speaker is Martin Cloake, head of production at Bauer, former chief sub at John Brown, and freelance sub on the News of the World, Mixmag and numerous other titles. Martin has launched several publications and managed the migration of entire publishers from Quark to Indesign, so he will be able to share his expertise on design and layout as well as subbing.

(The Freelance's graph showing subbing rates is now here.)

Your web presence is the topic for the LFB meeting on Monday 13 July, with a speaker to be confirmed. Does every journalist need a web site these days, and if so, what’s the best approach to building your own or paying for someone to do it? What should your website be for? How can you avoid ending up with a time-consuming, over-designed monster of a website, and what advice can we share about keeping it updated? We’ll look at the pros and cons, and copyright implications, of using free web tools like and flickr to showcase your work.

The July meeting will also feature elections for LFB delegates to represent the Branch at the NUJ’s Annual Delegate Meeting (ADM, its conference) in Southport in November. The Branch will also vote in the July meeting on which motions to put before ADM, so it is the deadline to submit motions to the Branch for us to vote on whether to take these on to ADM. Experts on submitting ADM motions will be on hand to advise.

There is no LFB meeting in August.

LFB meetings are 7pm to 9pm at Friends' House, Euston Road, which is accessible to people who use wheelchairs. If you need the Branch to pay for care for a child or dependent so you can attend a meeting, call a Branch officer. For updates on meetings see the Branch calendar web page here.

  • This issue went to "press" as an online-only version only on 2 June, and will not be sent by post to members. Deadline for the (print edition) July issue: 19 June.
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