Respect the Press Card!

THE CHIEF Constable of Kent has supplied a briefing to be given to police officers ahead of a planned protest on 4 July at Kingsnorth Power Station in the county. Crucially, it will remind them that "Each card has a unique serial number and, by using the phone hotline, anybody can verify the card is genuine and the holder is a bona fide newsgatherer."

Further, it reminds officers that "the Home Office has recently confirmed that Terrorism and Counter Terrorism Legislation should not be used against media covering protests." It will also be given to all officers when they join the force as part of their induction. Iain McBride, Media Services Manager for Kent Police, has asked us to clarify that he has only just joined Kent Police and was not in post when Climate Camp happened last year. He is keen to assist further in the future.

If you are unsure about the identifying PIN number that goes with your NUJ Press Card, contact the NUJ's Membership Department (call 020 7278 7916 and ask for "Membership") before you go to cover the Climate Camp or other "public order situations".

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