Vanishing work update

NEW DATA is being gathered on the decline in paid work available to freelances, with the aim of making sure that our plight doesn't get overlooked at a time when staff redundancies are easier to count. The NUJ's Freelance Industrial Council (FIC) is again amassing data, and such figures also strengthen our work with MPs and lobbying the government.

This is the third six-monthly trawl being collated by FIC vice-chairman Adam Christie. He is asking for information to pass on about changes we've encountered in recent months across the entire media industry, covering closures, budget cuts, rate cuts and most importantly disappearing commissions.

If there is anywhere providing more work, or offering better rates, please submit that information too, but it's helpful to know if slightly better rates are being used to offset fewer commissions, said Adam.

"I'm also keen to hear from people who may be working outside the 'media industry' per se, for PRs, councils, non-profits and so on, to assess whether they're starting to be hit by the predicted cutbacks across the public sector," he added, "and whether anyone has any indication yet about how next year's anticipated budget cuts may affect them."

The most recent data, from January this year, are online on the NUJ website.

Contribute, confidentially if you wish: email adam_christie@journalist.comners in the public report.

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