Tapping of Dutch journo’s phone was illegal

AN AMSTERDAM court has ruled that the tapping of a journalist's phone by the AIVD (General Intelligence and Security Service, the Dutch secret service) as part of its investigation into a leak, was illegal.

Journalist Jolande van der Graaf and her editor at the newspaper De Telegraaf came under AIVD surveillance after the March 2008 publication of a story claiming that AIVD misled the Dutch cabinet in the run-up to the government's decision to support the 2003 Iraq war.

The story was based on classified AIVD reports that had been sent to Ms van der Graaf by persons unknown. The ruling is seen as a victory for protection of sources in the Netherlands.

An earlier court decision, however, established that an AIVD search of Ms van der Graaf's house had been lawful.

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