The Trireme Award - galley slaves of the web

Fans of the Trireme Award - inspired by a freelance who remarked of one job that it had "the worst terms since I was last chained to the oars" - may be interested to read of the recent controversy surrounding an article in Le Monde by journalist Xavier Ternisien. He painted a depressing picture of the working lives of (predominantly young) online journalists. The article title Les forçats de l'info roughly translates as "The galley slaves of news". Ternisien describes those who work anti-social hours in crowded newsrooms on precarious contracts as "slaves" who are "consenting" because of their belief in the future of the web.

For more on the vigorous debate which this kicked off see - and this month's Award goes to the more traditional Northamptonshire Chronicle and Echo local paper, wanting all rights in photos for exactly no pounds.
A trireme

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