Good company sees sense!

MUSIC photographers have a constant battle with music promoters who thrust complex and suspiciously similar "release forms" at them - and sometimes they win. They have to - in some cases the legal boilerplate goes as far as claiming ownership of the images, on top of the usual "first three numbers only, no flash" restrictions.

Photographer Jason Sheldon reports that in April he arrived to shoot the band Bad Company and found he couldn't agree to the terms imposed by their release form. The band's management were adamant that Jason and colleagues couldn't shoot unless they agreed. The representative of promoters Live Nation was supportive, but as it was the first night couldn't go above the head of band management. "But she did point out that there were professional photographers ready to walk away," and as Jason points out that would mean "no coverage and no reviews". So they agreed to use the photo agreement worked out between photographers and the association of music managers.

Jason reports that Andrea Boccelli's management also presented photographers with a form they could not agree to, including a demand for unlimited usage of photos. When Boccelli pulled the show at last minute due to throat problems, it gave Jason the chance to negotiate with his management for the rescheduled date. They were more than receptive, and adopted the generic form for the rest of his tour: "His PR company even thanked us for defusing all the hassle."

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