Phone recording appeal

THE FREELANCE editorial team get one enquiry a month - usually at the end of the Branch meeting when everyone's packing up - about the best devices for recording phone calls. Can any members enlighten us? There seems to be a problem recording both sides of a phone call on some 3G phones, so advice on any apps that do it properly on the various formats is appreciated.

Several LFB members recommended a very low-tech double-ended earplug/mike gadget (Olympus make one). While the earplug end of the gadget goes into your ear, the other end of the mike sticks against the phone's earpiece and picks up the call, carrying sound to whatever recording device you have it plugged into. Simplicity itself, you would think, but one freelance reports experiencing problems with mikes of this type picking up the noise of electronic interference from mobiles.

Is there any single user-friendly device or app you know of that does trouble-free recordings of mobile, 3G and old-style landline phones? And does face-to-face voice recordings as well, while we're at it? Let us know, please, by sending your brief suggestions & comments to with a relevant subject line. The inclusion of a manufacturer's name here should not be taken as endorsement.

On the subject of kit, if you were thinking of purchasing any expensive items of kit soon, you might like to bear in mind the 22 June budget, which is "widely predicted" to include a big VAT increase.

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