17 Sep 2010

The Telegraph reports that the BBC's plan is to make pay rises conditional on accepting the changes to the pension plan.

So the alternatives on offer are:

  • accept a fictitious "pensionable salary" capped at a 1% per year rise; or
  • get 0% per year raise on cash and "pensionable" salaries alike

This is a choice?

Watch for BBC news

Journalists in various parts of the BBC are voting on strike action against the "robbery" of their pensions. Please watch www.nuj.org.uk for news of strike days. Freelances who suffer hardship as a result of finding themselves unavailable should contact the chapel.

Meanwhile technicians' union BECTU is balloting its members in the BBC on strike action over pensions: that ballot closes on 1 September and the earliest date for action to be taken as a result is 9 September. Please encourage all union members you encounter in the BBC to vote in their respective ballots.

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