Guardian cuts responses

THE GUARDIAN chapel has passed the following motion:

The chapel rejects the company's proposal to cut the casual day rate from £175 to £150 and abolish sabbaticals for new entrants, and instructs the officers to put both issues into the disputes procedure immediately. The attempt to cut the casual rate is particularly outrageous in the light of the GNM and GMG decisions to take very substantial bonuses and pension fund top-ups. The chapel regards our casuals as an integral part of the workforce and calls on the company to negotiate a comprehensive casual agreement with the chapel.

The regular casuals have also been meeting to discuss other ways of responding to this.

Meanwhile, a freelance contributor has been told by a senior manager that "The Guardian is committed to paying promptly". They told him to tell all freelances who are having problems of this sort to get in touch with the Managing Editor and they will sort it. To avoid payments falling through gaps the system they would put all freelances working to long lead times - on supplements or obituaries - down to be paid 30 days from delivery of copy.

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