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Stop the Murdochs at Sky

The NUJ is supporting a campaign to get the bid by Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation (and/or subsidiary News International) to take total control of BSkyB broadcasting referred to the Office of Fair Trading: sign the petition at

As we currently understand it, Business Minister Vince Cable has until 4 August to make the referral. So write now.

London Freelance Branch on Monday 12 July passed this motion:


London Freelance Branch notes with alarm that News Corporation, which already owns 40 per cent of BSkyB broadcasting, is attempting to buy the remaining 60 per cent of the shares.

LFB believes that allowing Murdoch total control of such a powerful medium is contrary to the public interest, a threat to freedom of expression and a fundamental breach of competition regulations.

LFB therefore urges all members to sign the online petition ( calling on Vince Cable (Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills) to refer the proposed buy-out to the Office of Fair Trading for detailed investigation.

LFB also calls on the General Secretary of the NUJ to take urgent public action on this matter, to raise members' concerns with the TUC, the IFJ, the European Commission and the relevant committees of the European Parliament.

2 Aug 2010

38degrees reported last week that Murdoch had delayed his application to the European Commission's "competition" (monopolies and mergers) department. Meanwhile bankers were proposing that he would need to pay £3 billion more for the stake that he doesn't own.(Reuters).

7 Sep 2010

In response to questions at the Edinburgh International Television Festival on 28 August, Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt (Tory, South West Surrey) declared that this was entirely a matter for Vince Cable (LibDem, Twickenham) according to Digital Spy.

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