Vacancies on NUJ Freelance Council

FREELANCE Industrial Council (FIC) is the NUJ body responsible for policy and activity on matters of concern to freelance members in England, Wales and Northern Ireland: see www.londonfreelance .org/fic/index.html for details of what FIC does.

The Council has vacancies for members from the following demographics: the North East, Northern Ireland/Isle of Man, Black Members and Disabled Members. These last two groups are self-defining, but before you seek nomination, make sure that the NUJ's Membership Department have you listed as belonging to the group you are seeking to represent. To ensure this, call Membership and tell them you wish to be recorded as belonging to that group (and also still listed as a freelance as well.) You also need to be up to date with your union subscriptions to stand.

The vacant seats run until the next Delegate Meeting (NUJ conference) in April 2011. Members are chosen for these vacant seats by election. To seek nomination by your Branch for one of these elected posts, contact your Branch Secretary in plenty of time for them to fill in the nomination forms, which need to reach NUJ HQ by post by 10 January. For more information on the nominations process, email

Other Councils, too

Nominations are also now open for elections to vacant seats on these other NUJ industrial councils: - Scottish Executive, Welsh Executive, Broadcasting, Magazine and Book, Newspaper and Agencies, Ethics, New Media Industrial, Public Relations and Information. Most seats are reserved for members from a specific geographical region or demographic. For more details see the NUJ website, via

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