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Report policing incidents

OUR "Right to Report?" index of its stories on the problems faced by journalists in public order situations used to be exclusively about policing hassles for reporters covering protests. We've updated it - see - and recent items have increasingly been about the cops coming to us with offers to facilitate journalist going about their work covering demos and other major events where there's likely to be police cordons. (These approaches by the police are largely the result of years of patient lobbying by the NUJ, and its Freelance Office in particular.)

There's also a Police Monitoring Form on the Freelance website, at - we appeal to reporters (whether NUJ members or non-members, in confidence) to catalogue via this webpage any hassles they may have encountered at the hands of the police and PCSOs while covering events.

And just as importantly in these times of apparently better relations with the police, the Police Monitoring Form is the place to report incidents of police officers being especially helpful. Had officers you encountered been briefed about the Press Card and its verifying PIN codes, for example?

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