Who watches the wardens?

Attempts by Heritage Wardens to prevent photography in Parliament Square apparently continue.

A Heritage Warden in Parliament Square holds up his hand in an attempt to prevent filming

A Heritage Warden in Trafalgar Square on Budget Day

Citizen journalist Rikki from Indymedia stood his ground in a Budget Day encounter with Wardens, which you can see here on Indymedia.

A spokesman for Parliament Square's managers, the Greater London Authority, later told Rikki, "The behaviour of one of the wardens shown in the video clip falls well below the standards required by the GLA. It was clearly not appropriate and the byelaws were not being interpreted correctly. We apologise for this lapse and action will be taken to address this."

Rikki didn't have a Press Card, but if you have one you can download an "authorisation letter" to wave at Wardens who give you a hard time during any "non-commercial" photo shoot in either Parliament Square or Trafalgar Square.

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