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Clean up our media

As the media and its subjects in the UK await the report of the Leveson Inquiry, lobbying is becoming frenetic. One side-effect has been an easy win for whoever's got the contract to campaign on behalf of newspaper owners against any regulation with teeth: the placing of leader articles attacking the NUJ in the Telegraph and Sun.

Below we link to reports of the NUJ's actual position. First, we encourage all members to join the lobby:

Clean up our media

Lobby of Parliament, November 29 2012

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Over the past year, the Leveson Inquiry has exposed the unethical practices at the heart of Britain's most powerful media companies. As Leveson publishes his report, it's time to act.

The Media Reform Coalition, Avaaz and the NUJ are holding a lobby in Parliament to let politicians know that we want real action on media reform. We know that the powerful interests who benefit from the status quo are pressurising politicians to resist any significant change - and only pressure from voters will enable MPs to stand up to them. Meeting your MP, presenting our demands, and telling them why you personally want to see our media cleaned up will make a real difference.

The lobby will be from 12.30-2.30pm on Thursday 29 November, in Committee Room 11 at the Houses of Parliament.

To get involved, just visit

The lobby will call for -

  1. Effective press regulation independent of both media owners and government
  2. The promotion of a plurality of voices by placing limits on media ownership, with Parliament laying down thresholds so that no single person or company owns an excessive share of the media.
  3. A conscience clause for journalists

The truth

NUJ Head Office has updated all the Leveson info on the website.

See in particular:

  • Busting the myths: piece by NUJ President, published on NUJ website on Friday
  • Letter by NUJ Irish Secretary in the Guardian on Saturday - "What the NUJ submission did was to propose a framework which might incorporate the best of the Irish model"

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