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BBC strike update

NUJ members who are employees of the BBC have voted for a work-to-rule from Friday 15 February and a one-day strike action on Monday 18 February.

The strike is over compulsory redundancies at the BBC under the ongoing programme of cuts, the so-called Delivering Quality First initiative. There are particular problems within BBC Scotland, but there are also a number of other jobs at risk throughout the BBC with around 30 members at risk of losing their jobs by 30 March if no solution is found. Talks are ongoing. If these do not reach a successful conclusion, the strike will be going ahead on Monday.

See here for more details, the NUJ website will continue to provide updates on the dispute.

As ever, the chapels (units of NUJ organisation at the workplace level) would appreciate it if freelances engaged to work on any strike days found themselves unavailableish. Freelances who find themselves unavailable for work at the BBC on those dates, and who suffer hardship as a consequence, should contact the BBC NUJ chapel.

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