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BBC strike action

To: NUJ freelance members

The NUJ is in dispute with the BBC over workloads, stress, bullying & harassment and the threat of compulsory redundancy to NUJ members all arising from the BBC's plan "Delivering Quality First".

We have asked the BBC to have a 6-month moratorium on job losses, whilst we review the impact of the cuts so far. The BBC has refused this request. Also despite extensive efforts by the NUJ representatives and officials, there are a number of NUJ members who are still at risk of compulsory redundancy. Therefore BBC staff will be taking 12 hours strike action throughout the UK on the following date as part of this official industrial dispute:

Midday until 23.59 on Maundy Thursday, 28 March 2013

Freelance members of the NUJ are asked NOT to enter into new engagements with the BBC on this date. There is a possibility of you being used to substitute for colleagues taking strike action.

If you already have a contract to work on this date, we are prevented from advising you not to continue to honour your contractual obligations. However, if as a matter of conscience you feel unable to work on Thursday 28 March despite a pre-existing contract, please contact NUJ Head Office on 020 7843 3726 for support in your action.

It is traditional in industrial disputes in the media industry that freelances support their colleagues in such action where possible.

Many thanks for your support,

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