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Skirmish of Trafalgar, part 97

POLICY-WISE, the issue of filming and photography in Trafalgar Square was put to bed two years ago, with the Greater London Authority issuing an authorisation letter, following NUJ representations - see the April 2012 Freelance. (They seem, though, since to have lost it in a website reorganisation. We're looking for it.)

Policy, however, does not take account of Man With Bunch of Keys and Compensation Issues Syndrome. The Freelance notes with interest the account given at of wardens claiming an interestingly diminuendo range of justifications for hassling student film-makers.

We have found clarification in response to a 2012 Freedom of Information request:

The Byelaws place no restrictions on private or amateur photography. Under the Byelaws, there are restrictions on commercial photography and filming, in that prior written approval is required from the Greater London Authority. A pre-authorisation scheme is operated that allows members of the professional news media to go about their news gathering activities on Parliament Square Gardens provided they display or produce, when requested by an Authorised Officer, a UK Press Card Authority Press Card.

More, soon, we hope.

23 April 2014

The GLA Press Office confirm this policy and have promised to hunt down the authorisation letter.

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