Party piece

LFB Branch Chair Dave Rotchelle standing on a chair; Matt Salusbury

LFB Chair Dave Rotchelle standing on a chair (again), see below for explanation

ONCE AGAIN the LFB festive winter party was a great success. LFB was happy to announce that at the last minute the party had become a joint venture with London Photographers' Branch (LPB), who were distributing some of their T-shirts and bust cards with emergency NUJ numbers and advice for member photographers (and other journalists) facing possible policing hassles in the course of their work.

The LPB T-shirts on display at the party bore the words, "Yes, I'm a woman. Yes, it's a big lens. Any other stupid comments?" - a reference to the sort of distracting feedback that female photographers face daily, while covering sports events in particular.

Shown here is the now traditional brief interruption to the party by LFB Branch Chair Dave Rotchelle, standing on a chair to help project his voice above the hubbub of noisily partying journos. As ever, Dave kept his "Branch business" section to an absolute minimum. Visible to Dave's right are some of the LFB Christmas decorations sourced from Streatham High Street's finest pound shops, with the budget for Christmas decorations once again nudging into double figures.

The Freelance's assistant editor was a little surprised to be greeted during the party by a complete stranger who shook his head warmly and told him, "I've read a lot of your stuff in Q and Mojo". He replied, "I think you might possibly mean Phil Sutcliffe over there.".

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