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AN LFB member tries out a local physical training practitioner who has an offer for LFB members. Inclusion in the Freelance does not imply endorsement.

Darren Carroll treats Rani Singh;

Posture! Physical trainer Darren Carroll treats LFB's Rani Singh

AS AN independent radio, TV and print reporter, I tend to subjugate all consideration about whether I am using the best posture or stance for my work to the urgent needs of my deadlines. Sound familiar?

I recently had a sudden wake-up call that gave me cause for concern. I decided to find a health and fitness expert with a rounded approach to a healthier lifestyle -someone who works with a cross-section of people, including journalists. Not your average physical instructor. Someone who could deal with the weirdnesses of the average media worker; erratic sleep hours, strange and irregular eating and drinking habits, short notice assignments and travel; adrenalin addiction.

Enter Darren Carroll. He holistically looks at everything to do with creating a more balanced life; work, relationships, exercise, and food. An imbalance often manifests itself physically. He has a number of clients working at screens much of the time so is used to realigning spines and bodies.

I had a high degree of neck and shoulder tension from sitting incorrectly at my work station with my screen at the wrong level. I had other issues too.

I discussed my wants with Darren and he did some simple muscle testing on me to check areas of weakness in my body. He was thorough and used sports massage when I needed it, while teaching me to build strength using specific exercises.

I am finding that some of my problems have diminished already, and that we are zeroing in on what needs to be done. I am feeling stronger, more empowered and he is teaching me how to solve my own problems through repeated self-exercise and attention to key areas. I haven't found anyone else with his rounded, encompassing approach to health which is why I take his advice. He's doing me good and giving me coping techniques that, hopefully, will prevent problems.

For those of us on tight deadlines, Darren can visit our work spaces and homes so we don't have to get to a gym. The gym - Darren - comes to us.

Darren is primarily available to clients within a 20 mile radius of the Swindon vicinity. He is, however, available with interactive advice to anyone anywhere; by phone, on email, or through Facebook.

Darren Carroll normally charges £50.00 an hour, but is offering a 20 per cent discount £40.00 an hour to NUJ members who can share an hour if they wish. Consultations are free.

Bonus point; this health and fitness expert is willing to meet and work experimentally with one journalist in the Swindon area who has the capacity and outlet to write about their experience of working with Darren Carroll - the journalist would be free to write what they like, and would not be charged for their sessions.

Darren Carroll 0044 7581 252 046


Facebook: DC-PT

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