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Nous sommes Charlie

The Freelance has received the following statement from NUJ Paris Branch:

The Trade Union Movement stands together to defend liberties and democracy. The trade unions stand united with the citizen movement in France against all acts of violence and intolerance, and to express their emotion and indignation following the terrorist attack perpetrated against the newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

Democracy, the republic, peace and the liberty to think and express oneself freely represent a common good for which we pledge ourselves to defend in the face of all totalitarianism, against speeches of hate, against attempts to divide and stigmatize people in our society.

In this spirit of unity, the trade union organisations including CGT, CFDT, CFTC, CFE-CGC, FSU, UNSA, Solidaires and NUJ call on all in the world of work as well as on all citizens to take part in the initiatives and demonstrations organised this weekend across the country including the silent march planned on Sunday, at 15h Place de la République

Issued Paris 8 janvier 2015, James Overton, Chair, NUJ Paris Branch

As the UK solidarity events following the Charlie Hebdo massacre were arranged at very short notice, information on these was conveyed to our members via the LFB Twitter account @NUJ_LFB. We thank LFB Committee's Janet Awe, who manages the Twitter account, for keeping everyone informed via Twitter, despite being on holiday abroad at the time.

In response to several enquiries we can confirm that yes, the NUJ does represent cartoonists.

A possible public meeting involving LFB and others - on wider issues of freedom of speech post-Charlie Hebdo massacre is being discussed. Watch this space.

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