Extended Collective Licensing consultation

ATTENTIVE readers may remember debate over the last couple of years about Extended Collective Licensing, leading to a law that came into effect last autumn allowing collecting societies to apply to government to be authorised to collect money for use of works by people who are not members of the collecting society (the "extended" bit).

The Copyright Licensing Agency wants to apply to issue such a licence for the education, business and public administration sectors. The licenses in question allow holders to copy up to 15 per cent of a book or one magazine article to their students or employees. The Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS) would be distributing the part that goes to authors - including diligently tracking down non-members to pay them their share. It needs its members to complete a short survey to find out whether you do: see here - and if you are a writer and not yet an ALCS member go to www.alcs.co.uk to join for free now.

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