Invitation to tender

THE NUJ would like to commission two freelance members to produce a booklet that would provide a good grounding in the current law on copyright for freelance journalists: one writer/researcher, and one editor/formatter.

This would be contained within a maximum of 30 pages of A5 format, and should be readily understandable by beginners.

Content would include, but would not necessarily be limited to:

  • What is meant by copyright
  • Which legislation applies
  • The international framework
  • What is protected
  • Who owns copyright
  • Definition of "in the course of employment"
  • The difference between assigning and licensing
  • How long does protection last
  • The rights of the copyright owner
  • Exceptions
  • What is meant by a "substantial part"
  • How to tackle infringements
  • Moral rights
  • Update on new exceptions
  • Creative commons licences
  • Self-publishing
  • Unfair contracts
  • Collecting societies and secondary rights
  • Extended collective licences
  • The IPEC small claims track
  • A list of relevant creators organisations
  • How the NUJ can help
  • Glossary

The following fees would apply: For the writer/researcher: £2000; for the editor/formatter: £1000.

Applicants should have a good working knowledge of copyright law, and the ability to express this understanding in an accessible way.

The NUJ reserves the right not to engage any of the applicants at the end of this process.

Applications close at midday on Monday, May 25 and should be made to

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