NUJ Councils need members - deadline 20/04/15

THERE ARE vacancies on some of the NUJ's Industrial Councils representing different sectors of our industry, or different demographics within our industry. The Industrial Councils form policy in these areas. The full list of vacant seats is here.

These vacancies will be filled by a postal ballot of members. In order to stand you need to be nominated by an NUJ Branch. Nomination forms signed by the Branch Secretary have to arrive at the NUJ's Headland House HQ by 20 April, so if you're seeking nomination by London Freelance Branch for any of these posts, you need to email the Branch Secretary in time for the April Branch meeting (Monday 13 April) or turn up in person on the night so the Branch can formerly vote on whether to nominate you.

The Union's Freelance Industrial Council has vacant seats for the following: Disabled members, Equality, London, North East.

The following other Councils have vacancies: Photographers', Scottish Executive, Black Members, Ethics, Welsh Executive, Equality, New Media, Disabled members, Ethics, Magazine and Book (includes three vacancies for "Magazines in London7quot;), Newspapers and Agencies, PR and Communications (includes two for "London and South East" and Professional Training Committee (one vacancy for "all members").

Intersectorality: make sure you can vote

Some seats on the various councils are for geographic regions, (Lanarkshire or Shropshire Branch, for example) some are demographic (Black Members, Disabled, Equality) some are for sectors (broadcasting, for example).

Eligibility for geographical seats is based on your postcode. Sector seats are based on what line of work you're in - you may need to provide evidence (invoices, etc.) of what sector you represent. There's more detail on this here.

Demographic seats are self-defining, but you need to contact the Membership Department ahead of seeking nomination to let them know that you wish to be recorded as being a photographer, working in "books"or disabled, or a Black member. (Make it clear to Membership that you also wish to continue being recorded as being a freelance as well, where appropriate.)

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