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A Twitterstorm for World Copyright Day

THE INTERNATIONAL Federation of Journalists is asking journalists worldwide to mark World Copyright Day on Thursday 23 April with an attack on unfair contracts and to "denounce the lack of protection against the stealing of our authors' rights".

The IFJ says: "As authors, journalists should work under fair contractual conditions in which remuneration is equitable, authors' rights are licensed to employers for a limited time and space and the right to be recognised as author should be strictly acknowledged."

Read more about the IFJ Fair Contracts campaign at

The IFJ asks you to "join us in a global twitter call to denounce unfair contracts" by Tweeting your stories on authors' rights and any support message for fair contracts using the hashtag #isitfair:

I work without a contract


Moloch Media Corporation says I can
sign their contract or get lost


Why does Moloch Media Corporation
get the right to re-use my work forever?

A report from the UN Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights released on 24 December 2014 recalled the imbalance of bargaining forces in place when it comes to negotiating copyright licences with corporations and pointed to the fact that creators retain the smallest part of the resulting profit.

In her conclusion the rapporteur rightly recalled the need to ensure that copyright regulations are designed to promote creators' ability to earn a living, protect their creative freedom, the integrity of their work and the right to attribution. She called on member states to adopt legal protections that cannot be waived by contract.

These conclusions, the IFJ says, "accurately denounce the difficulties we face in the negotiation process and the limited protection we receive for our work as authors."

#isitfair banner from IFJ

Download and print this PDF banner, pose with it for a photo and Tweet that with the tag #isitfair

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