Harare’s Book Café needs your old laptop

DO YOU have a reliable old laptop you don't need anymore, that's still in very good condition? If so, the Book Café in Harare, Zimbabwe, needs a couple of them.

The Book Café's Patricia Brickhill told the Freelance,"Zimbabwe is a difficult place to operate commercially. Book Café has always been inclusive and non-elitist and has an open door policy... in a country which has suffered years of political and economic upheavals and an ongoing lack of investment into developing a cultural infrastructure... We offer artists and cultural activists free wi-fi and are currently looking for a few second hand laptops in excellent working order to improve the facilities available".

The Book Cafeé can be contacted by email care of Patricia Brickhill

There's a short video on Book Café here. LFB Treasurer Jenny Vaughan, who's familiar with The Book Café, describes it as an "institution, a bookshop, café and music venue that also hosts political satire and manages to get away with it. It's been around in various incarnations for years."

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