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Flagrant record for aerial photographer

AERIAL photographer Jonathan Webb has achieved a record uplift on damages for abuse of his work. "The undisputed value of my images was £300," he told the : but the copyright Small Claims Court awarded him a whopping 500 per cent extra for the "flagrancy" of the abuse - making £2716 in all including costs.

Jonathan showed the court that the image used illegally was the result of someone investing time in painting out 33 separate copyright notices across the image, "cloning" appropriate bits of the image. The court's mood cannot have been improved by the defendants winding up their limited company the day before they received Jonathan's claim form. It held the two directors were held to be personally jointly and severally liable alongside their now-vanished company.

Nor will the court have felt much love and respect for the rule of law in their attempt to shift blame to a web designer which was a limited company and had also, by coindidence, been wound up. The humans involved in that were asserted to be untraceable and no evidence was provided of their existence, not even an invoice.

Good luck collecting the award, Jonathan.

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