Recording or live-tweeting LFB meetings

THE BRANCH reminds its members that the "work matters" discussion at London Freelance Branch meetings is confidential: no recording or tweeting of this section of the meeting is allowed. LFB Standing Order 10 refers to the NUJ's "Rule 18(1) concerning unauthorised disclosure of confidential Union or Branch Business, which also provides that in anything members may publish on Branch or Union affairs they shall not imply that they are giving anything but their own individual views." See for the full whack.

Speakers who agree to come to talk at LFB - for free - do so in the spirit of talking to colleagues and (usually) fellow trade unionists, to whom they may make comments not intended for a wider public. When speakers are invited to speak at LFB they are informed that the Freelance will be running a report of their talk online and in print, and inviting them to flag up any parts of their talk that may not be for publication.

Speakers at LFB meetings have from time to time prefaced comments by saying they're off the record, at which point you will see the Freelance team temporarily cease typing. We otherwise welcome live tweeting of meetings mentioning the Branch identity @NUJ_LFB

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