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More of us work from home

PEOPLE working from home - which would include many of the NUJ's freelances for at least some of the time - made up 13.7 of the UK's workforce as of early June, up from 12 per cent in 2005.

That's according to the Independent, which quotes Office for National Statistics data and a recent TUC analysis of "government figures". This has 800,000 people becoming "home workers" over the last decade, with a total working-from-home workforce of 4.2 million.

The figure includes staff who are allowed to work for their bosses from home at least some of time, as well as the self-employed. The more senior your position if you are an employee, the more likely you are to be able to negotiate some kind of working-from-home arrangement - one in five managers surveyed seem to have pulled this off.

The remainder are the self-employed - with four fifths of workers from home being male, reflecting the fact that a majority of the total UK self-employed workforce (two thirds) are male.

See Andrew Bibby's ready reckoner for the amount you save your clients in overheads by working form home: it's at

This factors in the "costs of providing premises" to the employee, coming up with a figure of £7750 per "workstation" per year. Andrew admits this is an average for the UK ,which considerably underestimates how much it would cost the client to run a workstation in London. It's worth mentioning when negotiating rates for work done at home.

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