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A Swift update

FREELANCE photographer Jason Sheldon recently pointed out that pop performer Taylor Swift's management demanded very onerous terms in contracts for photographers who wanted to cover her gigs. Sheldon's comments, which received considerable attention, were in response to Swift's open letter to Apple which caused them to promise them pay artists for a "trial" of their music streaming service. The story so far is here.

Some of Swift's concerts on her recent UK tour were boycotted by photographers. Rock stars' way-too-demanding photography contracts had become newsworthy by then, with Le Soleil sending a cartoonist to cover a Foo Fighters gig after seeing the contract presented to their photographer.

As Swift's world tour continued, it was announced that after "negotiations" with many "professional organisations" including the (US) National Press Photographers' Association , Swift's management was retreating from the original "complete rights grab."

As Sheldon's detailed analysis noted, the new version of the contracts for photographer snapping Swift's gigs still appears to contradict itself in places and has some unenforceable clauses. But gone, apparently, are the clause allowing agents of Swift to seize and remove images from photographers' cameras and devices, and gone too is the bit about "one use only". Swift's "team" also agreed to credit photographers for images when they use their photos.

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