Invitation to tender - update - deadline now 01/09/15

Tender for NUJ video for trainee police officers

THE NUJ wishes to commission a video to explain to police officers who are undergoing public order training the importance of adhering to the official guidelines in respect of their interaction with news gatherers. This will be shown during training sessions at Police training facilities.

We do not have a set budget, and will award the commission on the basis of a pitch's impact of concept and the likely cost.

Possible means to communicate this message could include (but are not limited to) animation, a theatrical sketch or voiced-over images.

The package should end with a spoken-to-camera endorsement from a senior Police official. The cost of producing this should be included in the quotation.

For the video to serve its purpose, it will need to be both entertaining and memorable. Police officers sometimes fail to acknowledge the rights of journalists and photographers during public order situations. The chance to put this information in front of them would be very important to NUJ members, but there will only be any point if the message sticks with those to whom it is shown.

The objective of the video is that all who view it:

  • understand that there are guidelines for Police dealing with newsgatherers in public order situations
  • understand that these guidelines are endorsed by all Chief Police Officers
  • understand what the guidelines say
  • and appreciate why it is important that the guidelines are followed.

Officers also need to know that journalists have legal rights. The more memorably the message is conveyed the better. What really matters is that Police officers remember the video when they are in the midst of a public order situation some months hence.

The length of the video should be around three minutes.

Pitches should include the following: explanation of concept/script, details of those who will work on the package, details of relevant previous work and a quotation. The quotation should break down the cost into as much detail as possible, and should be for the full amount payable, to include performers' fees, scriptwriting, equipment use and all other costs.

The NUJ will be seeking an enduring licence for this video to be shown to Police audiences and NUJ audiences.

Applications close at midday on Saturday 12 September 2015 and should be made to:

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