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Trade Union Bill - bad!

THE TRADE Union Bill - the most restrictive legislation on trade unions for 30 years, is now being prepared for its second reading in Parliament.

The Bill will make it harder to strike. It introduces a threshold - a percentage of the workforce - that needs to vote in favour of a strike before it becomes legal. This percentile threshold is considerably higher than the proportion of the electorate with which the Tories won the general election.

There will be very strict rules on the conduct of pickets outside workplaces during strikes, with criminal penalties. One proposal is that the supervisor a trade union picket will have to give their name to the police - rather alarming given the recent and ongoing revelations about the trade union blacklist used by construction companies.

The Trades Union Congress (TUC, of which the NUJ is a member) will hold a rally at Westminster Central Hall, Storeys Gate, London SW1H 9NH, on Monday 2 November and a lobby of Parliament against the government's anti-trade union legislation. Watch this space for news of an imminent launch of a campaign against the Bill. Meanwhile, you can write to your MP (contact them via They Work For You) and there's a petition to defend your right to strike.

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