The path of a pitch

MEMBER Martin Hoscik tells us of successful pitching through persistence. He'd dug up the possible name of the new Jeremy Clarkson car show.He'd started out doing this for his own technology and entertainment site at

Martin told the Freelance, "I could have run the story there - but the huge interest in Clarkson and co meant I thought it best to take the work to a larger publication. That way I could see a direct return on the time I'd spent." This strategy also meant he would "avoid overloading my own server or site if the story took off and got thousands of people trying to read it; and the story might have some more credibility."

So Martin pitched his story at two other titles. First he tried the Guardian, who were too slow to make the call and "find out what I'd had - and also said they weren't interested in paying for it."

So Martin then sold Jeremy Clarkson's new car show name story - on the rebound as it were - to - which promised to pay.

The story was promptly picked up and re-hashed by most of the big UK papers, many websites and the inter- national press.

That included the Guardian, who thereby ended up re-reporting a story they had only just missed the chance to break.

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