Tax warning

Deadline 31/01/16, stuff to do earlier

Air raid siren from World War Two; Matt Salusbury

Tax warning! Imagine the sound of air raid sirens in your head now! Here's the air raid siren from World War Two at the Long Shop engineering factory, Leiston, Suffolk

ALREADY? YES, already. You have only until 31 October if you want to send in your tax return on paper. Please note that's the deadline for it to arrive at HMRC, not the date for you to send it. Nowadays you need to ring up your tax office if you want to do it this way: it can take a week or two for them to print and send a paper tax return for you and send back by post.

And the people at HMRC no longer acknowledge or record receipt of paper tax returns. The only way to get confirmation out of them that your returns has arrived is to file it online.

If you do your tax return online, the time to start sorting out all those receipts for tax year April 2014-April 2015 is now, as the 31 January 2016 deadline is rushing towards you faster than you think.

Any if you became self-employed during the tax year that ended in April and need to submit a tax return for the first time, register now to get an HMRC online services user ID log-in. You will need an activation code, this requires HMRC to send a password to you by post, which can take a while (up to seven working days, or much longer if the phone lines become progressively busier in the build up to 31 January deadline.

So get it sorted now, via HMRC onine services here.

And sort out now (if you're not sure already) which is your tax office, and what their phone number is. It will get much harder and more time consuming to find all this out at the end of January.

Fines - in three figures - for filing your tax return late are now automatic. So don't say we didn't warn you.

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