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Freelance Salon success

THE FREELANCE Salon event on 15 October was accounted a great success by all. Alex Wood, Editor in Chief of The Memo spoke about opportunities for freelances in such new [online] publications; and we heard from trio from Byline, a crowdfunded platform for news.

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The crowd assembles...

Attendee Charlie Mellor said: "Can I just thank Hina and the team for last night's Freelance salon at NUJ head offices in London. It was a fascinating evening and I'm really glad I came. Many, many thanks to the guest speakers and all behind the scenes for their effort last night. Long may they continue!"

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...and then the crowd settles down to hear the speakers...

And Alix Kirsta said: "What I found so valuable was not only the practical insights into getting one's work published on sites like, but more generally the current state of affairs on online, vis a vis in advertising, branded content, crowdfunding etc. As the web is till rather a blurry and complex area for many writers, this info helps give us a more focused and enlightened approach if and when we wade in. All the best - and congratulations again on a great job!"

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...and an attendee asks a question.

London Freelance Branch Chair Fi O'Cleirigh said: "It was a really great bash - we should be proud of Hina, for her vision and pulling off an event that proved very popular, and also of ourselves for having the good sense to support the initiative!"

A complete report follows as soon as possible.

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