Surveying cyberbullying

CYBERBULLYING was the subject of a recent NUJ Scotland survey, in partnership with the University of Strathclyde. (It's here.)

This found that intimidation was mostly via Twitter, and varied in intensity from that which resulted in "dented confidence" all the way to "death threats". One respondent was at the receiving end of abuse that was "persistent, threatening, specific and sinister. Was evident they were monitoring my personal movements."

More research is needed, concluded the survey's authors, and a survey across the NUJ is planned.

Around 82 per cent of respondents were unaware they could call on the support of the NUJ on cyberbullying. If you work as a journalist causes you to become a victim of the cyberbullies, contact your Branch welfare officer if you Branch has one, or the Freelance Office ( if your Branch doesn't have a welfare officer.

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