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End impunity for attacks on journalists!

THE EUROPEAN Federation of Journalists (EFJ) has joined the IFJ #endimpunity campaign. It asks you to do as many as you can of the following before :

  • Like the IFJ Facebook page and follow us on Twitter: @IFJGlobal @EFJEUROPE and follow #endimpunity to be kept informed about the campaign.
  • Download the campaign poster, use it during the campaign in your electronic signature, on your twitter account, your Facebook page or your web site. Encourage all your members and their friends to download it, take pictures holding it and share them on Facebook, post them on twitter and attach a brief message to the President or Prime Minister of your country, urging them to take a public stand against impunity for crime targeting journalists.
  • Tweet along these lines:
    President or Prime Minister [add name ] ,on @UN Day v. impunity what are you doing to end violence against journalists in [add name of country] #EndImpunity
  • Put up Facebook messages along these lines:
    Dear [ add Mr/Ms President or Mr/Ms Prime Minister] ,On this UN Day against impunity for crime targeting journalists, we urge you to take a public stand against forms of violence on media professionals in [add name of your country] and direct your government's services to investigate all attacks on journalists and media staff. Thank You
  • Send letters to your own government or to government of targeted countries holding them accountable for their impunity records. Organise a visit to their embassies in your country to deliver the letter, take photographs and disseminate them widely, send them to us so that we can share them in our own network and support you. See sample letters for Mexico and the Philippines.
  • Organise a march or a specific activity (conference, minute of silence, group picture holding the impunity poster) to mark your solidarity on the IFEX International Day againse impunity (23 November). Take pictures of the activities; share them on your social media and Opens window for sending emailwith the IFJ.

Many thanks for your contribution!

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