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THIS Month's Trireme Award for "the worst terms since I was chained to the oars" goes to, whose recent ad on Gorkana Jobs offered £10 an hour to sub-editor/writers in a "combined" role, working from home. (Preferably NCTJ trained!) This seems eeirily similar to the £90 per shift offered as NME's latest offer for an 8pm-4am subbing shift at their office, and £85 an hour for the same shift if working from home.

Is this a trend to pay people (even) less when they work at home? The client who hires you when you're working at home is also hiring your office space, equipment, lighting, heating and cups of tea. So working from home isn't actually "easier" for you.

See the Ready Reckoner at for the amounts saved in overheads by clients by having their journos work from home, and point this out when negotiating.

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