New map to ebook millions

SOME SELF-PUBLISHING writers are making six-figure incomes from ebooks, and others are earning new royalties from old copy by the same means. Happily, the tips, tricks and techniques to emulate their success are contained in a new book, published by the NUJ and available to members for free.

Make eBooks Pay, by NUJ vice-president Tim Dawson, is a guide to the practicalities of ebook self publishing, as well as featuring ten case studies of authors who have made a success of this medium: "ebooks probably won't replace the paperand- ink variety, but around one third of all books now sold are now for eReaders", Tim told the Freelance.

Make eBooks Pay - cover
"Unlike news, films or music, it is a digital media format for which most consumers expect to pay. It favours shorter books, which is good for long-form journalism - and the lead-times to publication are unbelievably short", he continued.

The book can be accessed in either ebook or pdf formats at - you will need to register with the NUJ website as a member and get a password if you have not done so already. Writing and production of the book was funded by the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society.

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