London Freelance Xmas party

LFB'S SEASONAL end-of-year gathering is shown below in full swing. LFB Chair Fiona O'Cleirigh (right, her head bedecked with tinsel) was surprised by a Christmas gift (pictured) from the Branch Committee, in recognition of all her hard work over the year. Fi had briefly interrupted the festivities to welcome new members and to make the absolute minimum of Branch announcements - breaking with established tradition by not doing so standing on a chair.

LFB's Xmas party © Matt Salusbury

LFB's Xmas party

We were joined by members from other NUJ Branches including the London Central, London Independent Broadcasting and New Media, London Photographers' and London Magazine Branches. Our apologies to our members who use wheelchairs who joined us in a smaller gathering in the lobby of the NUJ's Headland House HQ - this was due to the lifts to the fifth floor meeting room being repaired that day, a fact which the powers that be at Headland House apparently neglected to pass on to the Branch in advance.

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