You could get £000s from copiers

THE AUTHORS' LICENSING and Collecting Society distributes payment for "secondary uses" of writers' work, such as photocopying in libraries. Its annual distribution happened recently and members have been reporting back.

One notes that this was a particularly good year for "reproduction of journals" - leading to them receiving £1522.15 after commission - and added that "I shouldn't look down upon the £3.04 Public Lending Right payment I got from Estonia." (ALCS also collects these payments for lending of works by public libraries from several countries.)

Another had "been expecting maybe £45. Instead I got a fraction under £2000 - 85 per cent of it was from 'reproduction of journals' in the UK." Topping that, a member reported that "a host of short magazine pieces (some 100 words only), a few long features and a book chalked up £3500 for a couple of hours' work logging these." The total distributed was £22.5 million to 75,000 ALCS members.

To register to claim, you need to go to - and then you log your articles with the collecting society, giving the International Standard Serial Number of each magazine they appear in.

Meanwhile, the NUJ is discussing with ALCS ways of bringing online publications into the fold - even where these are free to readers, others make money collating them into press clippings services, but they typically don't have an ISSN. We hope to bring news soon on an increase in the proportion of the money collected that goes to freelance writers.

Illustrators and photographers should contact their equivalent collecting society at - and to get UK Public Lending Right payments go to

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