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WORLD COPYRIGHT DAY fell on 23 April and the International Federation of Journalists marked it by encouraging all journalists to comment on the contracts we work under.

The IFJ and its member unions - of which the National Union of Journalists is one - are looking for examples of unfair contractual clauses from all over the world that deprive journalists from their authors' rights.

"Such clauses can include a full assignment of the exclusive rights (reproduction, adaptation, making available) on any media of the same group, an assignment for future uses that remain unknown or to be discovered in the future, or a waiver of moral rights," the IFJ notes.

"Take action on World Copyright Day:

  • Post Twitter messages denouncing unfair practices using #isitfair
  • Share samples of unfair contractual clauses on your website and alert your members about these malpractices
  • Use the IFJ/EFJ Fair Contract campaign logo on your social media, website and email signatures

For more information on the campaign and samples of unfair contracts see www.ifj.org/campaigns/fair-contracts-for-journalists

Meanwhile, in the UK...

The Fair terms for creators campaign in the UK is asking authors and performers to send testimony about contracts that you have been "offered": see the website.

The campaign is organising around the acronym C.R.E.A.T.O.R:

  • Clearer contracts, including written contracts which set out the exact scope of the rights granted;
  • Fair Remuneration. Equitable and unwaivable remuneration for all forms of exploitation, to include bestseller clauses so if a work does far better than expected the creator shares in its success even if copyright was assigned;
  • An obligation of Exploitation for each mode of exploitation. Also known as the "use it or lose it" Clause. This is the French model;
  • Fair, understandable and proper Accounting clauses;
  • Term. Reasonable and limited contract terms and regular reviews to take into account new forms of exploitation;
  • Ownership. Authors, including illustrators and translators, should be appropriately credited for all uses of their work and moral rights should be unwaivable;
  • All other clauses be subject to a general test of Reasonableness.

Campaign representatives are having an interesting series of meetings with politicians and officials, details of which will emerge in due course.

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