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Savings for members on essential insurance

IF THE NUJ gets enough members signing up to Imaging Insurance's professional indemnity insurance, we could get a better deal on premiums for these policies. For all freelancers including "Image-makers" (photographers, photo-journalists, video and film makers) and "Writers" (journalists and authors), Imaging Insurance offers policies which are tailor-made to your individual needs.

Professional Indemnity Insurance: In these litigious times most freelancers now consider Professional Indemnity Insurance, or "libel insurance" as many writers refer to it, an essential business protection.

"Writers" Professional Indemnity Insurance covers you for claims resulting from words you write and professional services you provide, such as PR and Media advice. This insurance was devised specifically for NUJ members and provides cover for claims resulting from negligence, libel, slander, defamation, breach of someone else's copyright, confidentiality or privacy. Automatically included is cover for legal defence costs, so even if you are in the right and someone is just "having a go", the policy provides you with the back-up to prove it in court if necessary.

Cover is provided for material published, for example, in newspapers, magazines, business publications, books, on websites (both yours and other people's), blogs, and social media including Twitter, Facebook and so forth.

As an NUJ member you get cover for all the material you have had published since the first day of your current continuous NUJ Membership and also free Public Liability Insurance with a limit of liability of £1 million.

Public Liability and Products Liability Insurance: Public Liability Insurance is offered with a choice of limits of liability of £1 million, £2 million, £5 million or £10 million. PL Insurance covers you if you accidentally injure someone or damage someone else's property, and is essential for any self-employed person or business.

"Image-makers" Professional Indemnity Insurance covers you for claims resulting from photo, video or film images if, for example, you fail to produce work to a professional standard for a client, or breach someone else's copyright, confidentiality or privacy.

Equipment and Business Property Insurance: Photo, video, film, computer and all other business equipment can be covered on a new for old or agreed value basis. And if you have your own premises, you can also cover business buildings, fixtures and fittings.

Employers Liability Insurance is a further option. Household Insurance is also available.

Contact Imaging Insurance on 01277 243 016 or at info@imaginginsurance.co.uk or visit www.imaginginsurance.co.uk

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