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Public Lending Wrong

AS A result of what appears to be have been "input error" in calculations made by the British Library, over 14,000 book authors will soon get a modest extra payment on top of the latest round of Public Lending Right (PLR) - micropayments to writers whose dead tree-format books are lent by public libraries.

If you've had a book (or a chapter of an anthology) published that's being borrowed public libraries, PLR will get you 7.67p each time your book is taken out. The National Audit Office recently discovered that a clerical error had caused the British Library, which now runs PLR, to underestimate how many books were lent at libraries in the London region. This resulted in 14,800 authors who'd signed up to the scheme receiving in total £264,000 less than should have been paid out to them. The BL quickly rectified the error, with authors expected to be paid the balance shortly from BL "contingency" reserves.

Sign up to the PLR scheme if you've a book out, at The Society of Authors is campaigning for the scheme to be extended to cover volunteer-run community libraries, and remotely "lent" ebooks - the latter currently not included, and estimated to be two million loans a year via public libraries.

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