Freelance Jun16: Elections to NUJ Industrial Councils - seek nomination by 22 July
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Vacancies on NUJ Councils

THERE ARE vacancies on the various Councils of the NUJ that make policy in its various sectors.

The Freelance Industrial Council has a vacancy for East Anglia. The Continental Europe Council seeks a representative from Paris.

The National Executive Council has two vacancies for the South East England (members in the South East who do not have a London postcode). The NEC is the decision-making body of the Union, and requires periodically a considerable time commitment.

The Scottish Executive Council has a vacancy for a freelance from the West of Scotland and other geographical seats.

There are numerous other vacancies on these and other NUJ Industrial Councils based on where you leave, the sector you work in, or your demographic - for example, Black Members (includes Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic), disabled and others. For a full list of these, email:

Most of these demographic groups for whose representation there are vacancies on Councils are self-defining. But you will need to tell the Membership Department that you wish to be regarded as being part of that demographic and/or working in that sector, while also still being a freelance and therefore eligible to be in a freelance Branch.

Candidates will need to seek the nomination of an NUJ Branch (not necessarily the Branch of which they are a member.) Nomination forms, signed by an officer of the Branch nominating them, need to be in by 22 July. So if you seek LFB's nomination you'd need to let LFB's Branch Secretary know in plenty of time for the July Branch meeting on 11 July (or turn up in person.) That's plenty of time as in not ringing the Branch Secretary at 10pm the night before.

These are all elected offices, by postal ballot. In some cases, though, candidates can expect to be elected unopposed. There's more detail here.

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